Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bring it on!

Traveling through the years,
Overcoming doomsdays and naysayers,
Clinging onto hope,
Like an addict on dope,
Looking across space,
Finally, the gate in my gaze.

Too bright and decorated fa├žade,
To really see through the maze,
But does it really matter?
When you know you can wade through the clutter,
Muddled in my thoughts,
Planning the next path.

A course set, that might take me years or decades,
Testing my tenacity, overcoming impuissance,
Patience and uncertainties my shortcomings,
But, first things to be conquered for this undertaking,
I know I will be there,
And one day a blog post it will make!


Sagar said...

I was waiting for this post for so long! Well written!

It will not just make a blog post, I am sure it will make headlines in pink newsprint. All the best!

dilip said...

Thanks Sagar for those kind words :)

Divya A L said...

All the very best! :)

dilip said...

Hey Thanks Divya...:)

Deepthi said...

All the best :) Finally , it seems like I am beginning to understand your poems after all :)

dilip said...

@Deeps: haha..;) Thanks..:)

Ashwini Vasanth said...

Your journey thus far is proof enough that you will emerge victor!
I agree with Sagar completely.
Wish you all the best and great success..


dilip said...

Hope so..:) Thanks!

Me said...

i third what sagar and ash spoke.. guess ppl who have seen you 'run' through this course know very well that you will make it 'there', come what may... but then, i guess it doesnt really matter to you anymore... right.. :)

dilip said...

how 'right' it can get..:)