Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The year that was and that wasn’t!

A whole year has passed and we are in the start of a brand new year. January is the month in which one generally contemplates on the year that passed by, pass judgements on it and then call for new resolutions. Here I am, definitely not trying to do that but only briefly touching on the subject so that I have a new post to publish..:)

Well it had been one of the most topsy-turvy years that I have ever been in. Had some of the greatest moments, but by far it has also been one of the most disappointing years. There are some outstanding things that I am really happy about - One is my new travel/backpacking venture http://backpackingtoeurope.com/ that really took off right from the day it was launched. I still remember how happy I was when I logged into my Citibank account to see the payment that was made by my first customer! Since then there has been a constant stream of customers, thanks mainly to my friends who have spread the word and popularized it. I can’t express in words what this venture means to me!

The other thing I am extremely happy or proud about was my completion of the 75Kilometer Bangalore Ultra Marathon. A feat that I never thought I would even attempt let alone finish one. It was one of those amazing moments that give you the confidence that anything can be achievable in this world. There are moments in life when one feels whether the thing one aspires for is really achievable? There are moments when one feels whether even trying or pursuing a goal is even worth the attempt? Goals that you somehow thought were beyond your reach…During those moments I think of this experience and I smile, I smile thinking what if I had given up half way? What if I had not crossed the finish line? What if I hadn’t even registered for it or even attempted it? ‘There’, I get my answer and I continue…It is these experiences that really makes life worth living and I just hope this year and the coming years I will have more such stories to tell..

Apart from these there have been several others exceptional moments and phases that I don’t want to dwell into here. I have also lost the count of the number of trips, treks etc that I have taken this year. Each one has a story to tell and an experience to live. A phenomenal year on several counts!

However that’s not even half the story. As fate has it I feel the year 2010 will be remembered not for these things but for some of the greatest disappointments I have had to face in my life. A very heavy setback in the first quarter of the year to start with, ultimately finishing off with one of the biggest ever disappointment towards the end of the year. And this when I don’t even consider me missing the Athens Marathon and the subsequent backpacking trip to Europe as a disappointment! Now that sums it up!