Monday, July 03, 2006

There can be only one final winner…

There is something in the sight of grown men crying that really moves me. It makes me feel really sorry for the crusaders who had given it 110% for their country, being sedulous in their approach but still end up on the loosing side in spite of matching shot for shot.

It was one of those football matches where both the teams were really good and since it was a knockout match there had to be only one winner. Watching it as a neutral was the best way to enjoy such a game!!!

When Germany took on Argentina, it was a must watch spectacle, promising to be a mouth watering context!!! And surely it did not disappoint anyone. It was 90 minutes of highly emotional rollercoaster ride for the home fans, which continued into extra time. The extra time proved to be another show of spectacular football with both the teams tied at one all. The only way to overcome the deadlock was a penalty shootout…

I pity the players, for having played 120 minutes giving all that they have got, but still end up in a lottery which can go either way. It is something, which is loved by the fans but detested by the players with the unlucky team shown the door.

Germany won 4-2 on penalties thanks to the good guessing work done by the German number one. Even though I hoped that the hosts won the context, I pity the Argentines because its one of the cruelest way to exit from the world cup. After loosing such a nail biter the players couldn’t control their emotions. Some of the Argentina players could be seen crying. These are men who are hardened by playing umpteen number of games for their country, but still they were rendered helpless.

Ultimately all that matters is for us to know that we have given it our best shot because there are things in this world for which reasoning cannot be applied.