Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Living the experience..

Having a time of my life now...Am not able to fund or find time for blogging..:(
So will come back home and blog about my experiences..The keyboard here has such a different setting. I am struggling big time!!
Anyway i had been to London and Scotland with my sis and Brother in law..It was great and the drive was wonderful...An amazing experience thanks to them..

Then i was off to Paris, Amsterdam and now i am at Berlin..Each city is so different, yet so similar...Discovering each city and understanding the way it goes about its business was a huge learning...Made a lot of friends at the hostels, which is something i will definitely cherish..More later..:)

Am off to Friburg, Southern Germany, to have a trek at Black Forests (does black forest cake ring a bell?) and then am off to Interlaken (Switzerland)...
Catch you people soon..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Dream – Backpacking across Europe!

Here I am. This is me. Embarking on a journey of a lifetime...
I am off to Western Europe backpacking, on what I believe would be one of the most memorable and exciting experience. The planning that went to this trip in itself has already made it an enthralling experience. The every minute that I spent planning has made me so much wiser and knowledgeable. I can talk about backpacking, the advantages, the experience etc. for hours together, and I have not even started the journey yet!!

Traveling will and should be a change from everything familiar. Talking to the people you meet, many of whom may not be English-speaking but still eager to answer questions, is what it’s all about. Irrespective of how many times you backpack, you want it to stretch you and remove you from a comfort zone. You want to listen and learn from your fellow hostilities, learn and understand the various cultures, and grasp every minute detail. Its going make you think along perspectives that you thought never existed. Someday it’s all going to help and you might thank yourself for having embarked on such a journey…

It is the experience of a lifetime! Everyday you will have different stories, different experiences to share and be heard, so whether you start from England, Spain, France or Germany, you will create an experience that will never be forgotten!

When my journal is full and I am sick of wearing the same set of t-shirts, I will have stories, names, and places to speak of for years to come. The feeling of great achievement the learning and the experience may not be understood by everyone. One will discover that many will really not understand just how cool it was, because many just can’t. The backpacking experiences are yours alone. It’s only when you return to all things familiar that you’ll notice how much they’ve changed you.

I am sure at the end of it, I will have some of my greatest memories etched while backpacking across Europe. There may be good moments and bad, but in the end nothing would compare to the experiences I will have.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Calling GODS!

Recently in IPL I saw the “Appam” (read Sreesanth from the fakeiplplayer fame), praying profusely every ball he had to bowl at the opposition! Most balls were hit out of the park, but still the praying continued…Out of all the games he played the most comical was when Hayden was smashing him all around the park, but Appam very meticulously returned back to his bowling line and prayed continuously…What was he thinking??

Did he not understand that the prayers were not being answered? Unless of course he was praying to get hit! Out of all the games he played, in only one game he actually bowled well, which resulted in his praying increasing ten fold…

Unfortunately, recently I had to visit a hospital and I saw that there was a mini-temple right in the middle of the string of operation theaters…Neither the temple bells nor the God had even a second of free time…Almost the entire time I was waiting there, right through the night, I used to see people praying for the recovery of their loved ones…I am sure none would have asked why they were there in that hospital in the first place…!

Instances such as these show that being GOD is the most highly unaccounted Job. Its always a win-win situation for Him, with most people being steady followers of some God irrespective of what is really happening in their lives…Having said that God never applied for this job in the first place and neither did he ask us to do what we are doing…So cant blame him..:)

Last few weeks has been hectic to the core…There was not even an iota of time for anything…Hardly used to sleep…In this melee, a lot of positive things have happened, both professionally and personally. Professionally it was very hectic but turned out to be really good considering that the reward was something that was totally unexpected, and personally I have crossed a barrier that had been haunting me for a long time now…The pain and sorrow was extinguished in an instant. The thirst has increased, but I am all geared up to quench it!! Life has started looking more rosy and there is spring in my stride..:) When all these things have been happening the one thing that never stopped was my prayers…I always wonder why is that we continue to pray whether things go right or they go completely berserk…Whether there is an actual God or not, one thing is for certain – praying definitely helps to keep your target in sight without loosing hope, because you feel there is “that someone” out there listening to you, who will help you make your dreams come true..!!!