Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The longest Marathon!

The earth trembled, the buildings quivered,

My beloved structure, razed to the ground,

Year after year some catastrophe or the other,

Bringing my life to a full circle.

Plundered plastering, broken bricks,

Haze of smoke and dust, clouding the used tricks,

Every time I build a few feet of wall,

A hidden force makes it fall,

The shining tip of my proposed skyscraper,

Always pushing me to never give-up ever,

But how many times does one try,

Without success to testify,

The unbearable pain and agony,

Makes me curse and cry.

But now, when I look at the site, its location,

I see a strong powerful foundation,

One that would never sever,

Giving me the title of a master builder,

God forbid, it may take another 5 years to finish my first floor,

Matching its foundation in strength and force,

One that can sustain the blasts and tremors,

Acting as the base for my future floors,

It may take a whole lifetime,

But in the end, It will be a landmark in all its glory and prime,

Built from the blood and sweat,

Each floor perfect the way it rest,

A monument etched till eternity,

Making it best among its fraternity.