Thursday, January 05, 2012

What if?

There are times when we ask ourselves the ever-lasting and unanswerable questions that start with ‘what if’? Times in life when you are in that contemplating mode and wonder how you would be and what you would be ‘if only ...’.

But is there any point to these questions? Should one be even entertaining such thoughts? The only positive/good thing that ‘can’ come out of it is to make sure the present and the future is not filled with instances that will rise to more ‘What if’ questions.. Though not many such instances in the past, I still have a few - enough to be vary of the next two months..

Every second we make a choice and that’s what makes our life.

The next couple of months will be a testament of things to come. Excitingly and happily looking forward to it like a child with a new toy everyday! And here I come..


Sagar said...

Hmmm...can relate to your thought process, and agree with you that there is no point in 'What Ifs' for things in the past.
The futuristic 'What If' questions have one purpose though. They give you a chance to evaluate and imbibe your reactions to situations, if they were ever to arise. They give you a chance to be prepared for those situations in which you would want your sub-conscious to be in control....the fight or flight kinds. The first press conference for instance. :-)

dilip said...

:) Yep.. I totally agree.. It can be a lesson for our 'present and future'..:)

Me said...

'What if' analysis is a huge component of predictive analytics ;)... involves tons of variables of the past, only to make informed decisions in the future... also, therez a machine learning component which learns from the outcomes of the past ... haha... damn applicable to real life maga.. i told you... this field is damn interesting..

have you read the book 'one'.. as you said, it's all about choices alva...

dilip said...

@Me: haha..:) Very true..
But in real life most variables can be removed in most instances.. Because at the end of the day decisions are simple if we remove the clutter (though the logical fallout of the decision might be difficult..;).. Also most decisions feels difficult because we fail to make a choice or generally postpone it, and simultaneously hope somehow we dont have to make it anytime soon...;)