Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Happy B'day!

Sands on the beach side
Rocks chiseled by the tides
Running as fast as a deer
Gaining an extra inch over your peer
Splattering sand leaving a foot mark
It was never a walk in the park
Watching friends in various combo
An unimaginable portrait not so long ago
Suddenly the realization dawns
You are just a pawn
Half a marathon gone
Her paranoia blaming the scheming faun
Another half to go
To complete the panorama


Sagar said...

Will need to speak to you to know the full meaning of the poem. :-)

dilip said...

haha.. Its quite difficult to explain the meaning.. Thats why its written in poem..;)
These were some of the thoughts that cropped up on my flight back from US..;)

Divya A L said...

Seems quite hither withered... But that's how sometimes things turn out to be!

dilip said...

Yep.. It just seems..:)

ashwini said...

wonderful post Dilip. love the fact that the euphemism was inspired by something so real.
Interesting that you feel we are half way there already
:) C'mon, we have just begun and we will always have miles to go before we sleep.

dilip said...

@Ash: :) Thanks for the wonderful compliment!
Yep..I think its half way down..Atleast the years that would be the most productive (from the definition of what we think is 'productive' now..;))..
But the best half is yet to come..:)

Sagar said...

@Dilip, this is the first time I have come across something like the 'best' half. Trying hard to avoid using the word 'better'? ;-)

dilip said...

@Sagar: :)
It just comes so naturally.. Didnt even realize it..;)