Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Unknown Caller

Running along the sea shore
Walking through the green boulevard in the fore
Sleeping on the cozy bed
And while eating my daily bread
A ‘smart’ phone held in my hand
Waiting for it to vibrate and sing a song
Always giving a chintzy thrill
While some times dreading it’s shrill
Curious of who it might be
Cautious of what it could mean
Hoping for the best
But fearing the worst
Emotions bundled in a core
‘The distance’ causing it to manifest multifold
Ingenious and smart is what they say
But nothing could tell what the call exemplify
However smart it might be
It cannot beat the uncertainty.


Divya A L said...

Oh come on... The smart phones are smart enough to read out the caller's number isn't it?? ;)

Nice one, as usual :)

dilip said...

@Divya: :) Yep..They are, but until i look at the phone monitor i wont know who it is ;)


Sagar said...

Now that is being 'too smart' -expecting the phone to be smarter than the smartness it is designed for. Why did you buy a telephone, you should have bought telepathy. :-)
Nice flow to the poem, enjoyed reading it.

dilip said...

Actually, i was not really blaming the phone.. the poem had more to do with the 'situation'..:)

Pratibha said...

:) well written...i like the new look of the blog..

dilip said...

Hey Thanks Pratibha..:)