Monday, March 01, 2010


I came to know about Fireflies through my office colleagues and it was a breathtaking experience. It was something that I had never experienced before. I have not attended many orchestras or musical events but this one I am sure takes the cake.

Imagine a big banyan tree and a stage setup at the bottom of it. Add rows of stones in a semi-circular fashion around the tree. Fill it with loads of enthusiastic people. Add high quality music to it from various musicians and bands of all varieties from classical, fusion, Jazz,, Kabir, Kerala folk to hip-hop. Imagine this for the whole of the night. And that’s my friends is “Fireflies” for you.

We were about 8 of us in our group and we landed there (it’s about 30KM from Bangalore) more than an hour earlier. We were the first ones to reach there but we did this because my friends knew from last year’s experience that early bird gets the best seats. We also made a pit stop at Metro for all the groceries that we will need for the night.:) By 5.30PM we were all set for the event. It started with “Bramhasthra” – a new fusion band which performed to cheer up the crowd. And the performances went uphill from there. From Esperanto, Shabnam Virmani to Qawali, everything was a treat to watch and listen.

This was my first experience in an event like this and I am sure for the sheer ambience and the variety of music I will never forget it. By 8PM the whole place was brimming with people and the crowd was having a gala time. There were approximately 4000 people in that small place but thanks to our location we were pretty well seated for the night. There was free flow of unmentionable items (:)) among the crowd and it was tough to get up and even go to the rest room.

In one place and in one sitting I had never experienced such various kinds of music. There was fusion, classical, Jazz, Kabir chants, Hindustani, Qawali, Kerala folk music, Hip-hop and even our very own huli-vesha. The entire night passed in an instant and in no time it was 7 in the morning and the time had come to take leave. Words just cannot explain the ambience and the experience. One has to really witness it to appreciate it.

All I can is I will be there next year!!

The snaps are thanks to my friend Anand...

Some pics of the event can be found here...


Sunil said...

Along with the musical experience, its the Photo opportunity and the beauty of the pics uploaded is what excited me the most...
i am looking forward to you remembering me for any such events happening again!!

dilip said...

Sure maga..Definitely the next time!

Garf said...

Oh...that is news to me. I will have to google it...what you said certainly speaks volumes and the way you felt can pretty well be understood from the way you wrote it. :)
It is tough to get these happenings..let us know when it happens the next time..a lil that we can add onto the 4000...

Preeti said...

ooooo.. awesomeeee :-) the "music shows" trend is changing so much!! really good!!!

dilip said...

Sure..Will do..:)

Yep! I know...Its really good..

Nikhil N said...

and what unmentionable did you have?!

dilip said...

What part of "unmentionable" didn't you get? ;-) Just kidding buddy..:)
Me seedha-saadha man..i don't even know the names of those items..And that's the reason i said they were unmentionable..;)

Sagar said...

Hmmm... Looks and reads like a lot of fun. Fundoo pics, especially all the B&W ones. Pls compliment Anand for those.

Srinivas said...

Excellent note. Fireflies just made to my yearly calender. Let us make it a point, not to miss the fun :)

Anand said...

@srini: great idea we should do this every year for sure

@Sagar: compliments received ... much appreciated.

@Dilip: nice write up... but you missed telling about sweety... not to worry, i'll be making a blog post soon on fireflies and will make sure i involve all the juicy details ... what are friends for huh, if not for reminding you of good stuff

dilip said...

Yep! the event was gr8..!
And looks like Anand received your compliments before i could forward yours..:)

Definitely! Its in my calendar too now..;)

But you better watch out how much good-stuff you write about..;) Friends have to remain friends isn't it?..:P

dilip said...

Maybe i should also write another post..:) Right from the attempts made to reinvent fire (:)) to sweety and vampires..;)
But will leave you to come up with the complete story..;)