Saturday, February 27, 2010

My name is Dilip and …

There she was sitting right in front of me,
Under the shade of a banyan tree.
The frequent glances, to catch a glimpse of my face,
Made the world around me lose its place.
One step forward, was all that mattered?
An unknown, that had to be answered.


Sagar said...

Please take a flood light and throw some strong beam on what you wrote. Was it a bird, a squirrel, a cricket or a dog? :-D

Wonder why the protagonist in such meaningful blogs of yours is always a 'she'. :-D

dilip said...

OMG! Two totally wrong questions to ask..!! ;)

PS: Me going in search of that floodlight..;)
And if it was a case of a 'he' that triggered such emotions, then god help me..:)

Divya A L said...

yaaradu baalike??? :P

dilip said...

As of now, no idea! :P

Anand said...


dilip said...


Anonymous said...

Was it you she was looking or other friend of yours :P

dilip said...

You and your illusions..:P hehe