Thursday, March 11, 2010

Chirpy Tweety

All along it longed for its ‘freedom’, caught in a cage,
Craving to be free and the desire to consistently script a new page,
All along it felt itself caught in a maze,
Unable to explore and free itself from this phase.

Chirpy tweety, had nothing but its ambition,

A dream driven by desire and the spirit to make it happen,

But the cage was sturdy and strong,

Making its attempts seem all wasted and wrong.

Chirpy tweety remained bubbly,

Making attempts in full earnest and plucky,

The nights were short and the days lengthy,

Setting placeholders and sacrificing many.

With a sense of urgency and ardor,

It started tweeting less and biting more,

But destiny had different plans each time,

Punishing it, as if its efforts were a crime.

Strange are the ways of life,

One doesn’t know when one crashes or flies,

And for Chirpy Tweety, as the days go by,

It will be a question of ‘when’ it can truly fly.


Sagar said...

'Freedom' is about knowing how to handle it. If let free on its first attempt, Chirpy Tweety (CT) would probably have tried a flashy flight, crashing from heights its wings did not permit. Am sure, the numerous attempts have only contributed to make CT's wings stronger.

CT may also benefit looking for the key that unlocks the cage, and not try to break it open by force.

On a lighter note why don't we have a 'Bitter' (for the one who bites) on lines of Twitter.

dilip said...

Maybe we should start a company called 'Bitter', where people can send personalized howlers to anyone and everyone for a fee..:D

On a serious note - I agree with u..

Divya A L said...

Wowwww!!! Very wellll composed!!! May the chirpy tweety find its way soooon!!! :)))

Divya Pavoor said...

Reminds me of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull.

dilip said...

Thanks..:) Hope so..

OMG! What a compliment..:) Thanks.

bpraveen said...

Strange are the ways of life,

Aren't they!

dilip said...


Nikhil said...


dilip said...


Me said...

CT forgot to look at the little open door behind it I guess :).. CT need not break open the bars to fly, just to prove it's strength and will power ;).. or maybe therez a hawk out there waiting for it to come out.. what say???

dilip said...

Dont you think CT would have looked behind? or maybe not...
That might be right. But just because there is a hawk outside CT cannot sit inside its cage for the rest of its life..Isnt it?

still_waters said...

i am sure chirpy tweety (nice name btw) would have been bored and not so chirpy if it could fly at the first attempt. And I think challenges will teach chirpy tweety a lot more than it ever hoped for.. The excitement is only until it can fly, so tweety grudge not this phase...

dilip said...

Challenges are always there..Once it learns to fly there will other (better?) challenges..So Chirpy Tweety can always console itself saying its learning a lot, but who knows what more it would have learnt had it escaped long time back..