Friday, March 05, 2010

Gym, Guitar and beyond…

Yep! Gym days are back…After a hiatus of almost 5 months I have hit the gym again. Earlier it was so easy to go to gym (I used to go between 3-4 in the afternoon @office), but now after my office got shifted it’s become a pain. So after convincing myself I needed the exercise and after finding jogging these days to be highly boring, I have joined a gym near to my place where I spend an hour and a half in the evening after office.
The Result -: Last few days has been amazing. The feeling that comes with running on the treadmill and doing weights has no parallels.

The gym I currently go to is so much better than my office gym in terms of the equipment. But in terms of the diversity of people both are equally and highly varied. For me, it has become a habit to study the people who visit these places. I mean here you can find so many specimens within the homo-sapiens species that you never get bored. It’s just plain amusing. Maybe more on each of these specimens in some other post…

A thing that’s common between all of them is the way they look at the mirrors after every 2 minutes of workout. Their expectations are always never met and you can see the disappointment on their faces but there is determination to reach there, even though it might take a lifetime for most of them. One annoying thing that I observe is the way they adjust their dress and ‘other-things’ in front of the mirror. In an earlier gym it was even worse as the mirror was a one-way mirror. One of those things that would behave like a mirror from inside but people outside could peek into the room and see exactly what you are upto. Maybe the idea was to motivate the ‘outsiders’ to join, but it really was more like entertainment to them. I don’t know from where people get these ideas. The current gym is even better. It has been designed in such a way that people from the road can see what is happening inside even though its on the second floor. Further people in the opposite buildings, have balcony seats - I am sure they would have stopped going to multiplexes and enjoy the activities that happen here, with a popcorn and Pepsi, sitting on their comfortable bean-bags.

On another front, I have removed my Guitar from the closet. I hope to spend few hours every week to get back to hitting the right chords and notes. Let’s see how many days I will need to relearn the basics. It will be a battle of my patience verses its reluctance to play the way I want it to play!!


Anonymous said...

Nice post. Reminded me of the days when I used to watch gym goers (not one myself). The variety of people (and their antics) is really amazing.

Apologies for being picky. Did you probably mean 'chord' (associated with guitar and music), instead of 'cord'?

dilip said...

haha..My friend you should watch them from inside..Gives you all new perspectives..;)
And Yep! Its Chord..Corrected it ..Thanks..:)

Srinivas said...

Great ! I don't have to wait for next fireflies. If 'Muthodi' plan becomes 'real', we can have a mini fireflies there :)

When is our next marathon ?

All the best.

dilip said...

haha...I dont think i come anywhere to the level of fireflies..;)
If nothing is there, we should have our own marathon in goa..;)

Sagar said...

If you need vocals to match your guitaring skills you can always ping me over. :-)

Watching people is always intriguing; nothing like having them captive to watch. Enjoy.

Sunil said...

the guitar at my place is being dusted once a month for the past 2 years... but, there ends the matter!!

If you are really serious about it, may be we can push each other to make the guitar "Play the way we want it to play"...

Anand said...

i see a band getting together here... two guitarists and a singer already there, all u need is a drummer and someone to play the synthesizer

here is a fun link on gym people

dilip said...

haa..You for vocals? We will be one heck of a band..;-)

I am all for it buddy..Its high time i get to play a proper song on it..;) Remember my last attempt? ;)

U wanna join as the drummer? :)
Or maybe on second thought you should be our official photographer..;)
Btw nice link..Makes me really wanna write that post describing the characters i meet at gym..:)

Divya A L said...

HEhe.. thanks for reminding me of my guitar in the closet!! ;) :P

I somehow feel guys can prioritize gym over anything else in their lives!! I have a friend who is head over heals in love with this gym thing that he has grown upto the level of an intructor with a monsterous look!! Anyways, majjjaaa maaadi!!!

dilip said...

ur welcome..:)
I think its wrong to generalize..:) Recently I have met many girls, who are more gym freaks than most..:) As for me a gym workout makes me feel good..Thats all..:)

Nikhil N said...

Nice post. Reminded me of the time I used to think of going to gym but never did.

Apologies for being picky. Did you probably mean 'months' (associated with time and calender), instead of 'moths'?

dilip said...

abbaaa...Two cases in one post!!
I must make sure i proof read my posts!!!

Deepthi said...

Way to go Dili :)
Btw , if you want a dancer in your band , Nikhil is there :) He can dance to any song ( however bad the music might be :-P )

dilip said...

haha..Nikhil as our dancer!! Wow...We wont have to spend on advertising our band i guess..;-) hehe..:)

Pratibha said...

Both the post and the comments were fun to read..good luck with the guitar.. :)

Nikhil N said...

@Pratibha: On behalf of all the comment writers - "Thank you, Thank you" :D

dilip said...


That was fast! :)
"Thank you, Thank you" :D

sho said...

The way you presented the Gym ppl looking at the mirror is really funny! I too look at mirror with the same disppointment and unrealistic targets... :)

dilip said...