Friday, June 13, 2008


As I walk the memory lane,
I see more joys, than pain,
Thankful for all the fame,
But still striving for more gain.

Lucky that some long term dreams have come true,
While others still on their way to prove,
None of them giving me blues,
Making me stick to them like a glue.

Been bestowed most things by the divine,
Some really fast, others painfully slow, almost a crime,
See a very bright light at the end of the tunnel,
And Its definitely not that of a train..:)


Me said...

cute poem :)... someonez upto poetry these days... inteeerrreesssting..
BTW "Lucky that some long term dreams have come true"!!!! yaavadappa avu..

Karthik said...

Cool poem le.. Very well written..
Also, I have the same Q as above.. Could you elaborate ;)

dilip said...


Since both of you have the same question and since its going to take a long time to explain my long terms goals and how some of them have come true, i will elaborate fully the next time i see you guys, which i believe there is some time to go...;-)

Avi said...

Nice poem... I liked it... :) I don't think I could ever write a poem... :P

dilip said...

Hey Avi...Nice to see you here...
To be honest i had the same thoughts until maybe a year back...Its just a matter of time before you start penning them..:)
You will be then equally surprised..;)

Sagar said...

Hmmm... Congrats!! You owe some elaboration to me too. How come I did not know of these dreams/their fulfillment.

dilip said...

Hmmm...Thanks!! ..;-)
Will elaborate the next time you land in B'ore..:) Until then let me ponder why everyone is asking me only that question and why i even wrote that line in the first place!!..;)

Pratibha said...

Hiiii nice poem...even I would want to know what other people wanted to...:) and with every poem its getting better...anyone for inspiration? :)

dilip said...

Thanks!! Thats a nice compliment..:)
Inspiration?? Hmmm....:)
So howz life? maya agbittre?? :)