Thursday, May 15, 2008


There he was standing in the middle of the stadium harking to the cheers! Basking on the new conferred glory!! People were chanting his name… He had dreamed of this so much…And at last it had come true!!! It was as if the entire world had united, come together to applaud his efforts, but for him the “world” meant something else and he continued to search…...


Rajesh Goli said...

Wow! How exquisite is his majesty's robe! :-D

Me said...

Reminds me of these lines of Gopala Krishna Adiga
"Vivashavaayitu praana haa,
Paravashavu nindee chEtana,
Iruvudellava biTTu,
iradudareDege tuDivudE jeevana

Yaava mohana muraLi kareyitu idda kiddale ninnanu,
Yaava brindavanavE chaachitu tanna minchina kayyanu,
Yaava mohana murali kareyithu doora teerakE ninnanu"

dilip said...

@ Rajesh:

I am honored...:) At last i have written something that does justice to my surname..:)
I am sure "Gopala Krishna Adigana mammaga nAgi sarthaka vayithu"...;)

PS: Very relevant in the context of what i had written..

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....its confusing..."the world", "something else", "continuing the search".....Am I reading too much into it? :-P

dilip said...

When have u not read too much into what i have written?? ;-)

Avi said...

Well written Sir... Just a few lines and strikes a chord! beautiful... :)

dilip said...

Thanks sir for the kind words..!! :)