Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Did you see it coming?

Assume you have come up with an excellent search algorithm which does better searches than Google, how do you compete with it? How do you acquire the market that has already been taken? How do you maintain the loyalty of your acquired customers so that you don’t loose out on the lucrative “internet advertising” space?

- Faced by Microsoft…

If you are a leader in a printing business and you slowly start realizing that people rarely print their digital photographs unlike earlier days, what would you do? People are happier uploading, sharing the snaps and using networking sites…
How do you continue to sell your product? What’s your plan for the future?

- Faced by HP printing business…

You ignore that gas prices will never touch $200 per barrel. You continue to manufacture guzzlers and expect people to continue to buy them. Suddenly you realize you are losing market share. You realize that people are going for fuel efficient and economy cars. You start losing profits, forcing you to sell brands, forcing you concede the top spots to Japanese manufacturers, coz they foresaw it coming!!!. What do you do next? How do you do damage control?

- Faced by US Auto manufacturers…

So what about YOU?? Are YOU doing things that will make sure that you are not caught napping? Are YOU willing to go that extra mile so that you are ahead of the competition? Do YOU fear change or do YOU relish change? Do YOU want to react or act? Are YOU doing the right things? Are YOU?

- Faced by Tom, Dick & Harry, Rita, Sita & Geeta…:)


Pratibha said...

It has the O'Henry twist! The examples were about businesses and suddenly it turns to you..no Sir I dint see this coming! hehehe
Hey you know what Dilip, just last evening was pondering on these lines(Whats wrong? whats wrong?)..still on it..
Really well written!

dilip said...

@ pratibha:
"no Sir I dint see this coming! hehehe"!!! hahahaha...nice one..
All the best for your quest..:)