Friday, June 27, 2008

He Lived On...!

He stands there as the lonely rock,
Knowing everything he can block,
But he soon got a shock,
That it held him in a lock,
It was no longer a walk in his dream park...

He felt being corroded,
Vanishing, never to be traced,
He resisted by having himself fenced,
Little did he realize he was being cleansed.

He prayed to live,
Eyes closed within a seal,
Failing to njoy the beauty and the sight,
Thinking it was only plight...

Very few actually reach the shore,
Rest whither away in deserts, a chore,
Reaching there he failed to realize, what was actually going on,
Everyday tiny new grains were born,
He was getting smaller, but he lived on.

PS: I wrote this as a comment to a post in one of my good friends blog…Couldn’t resist the temptation of posting it a bogie in Dilip’s train..;)


Karthik said...

Wah Wah, en rhymingu, en meaningu.. Maga.. high time to change your name to Dilip Shakespeare.. :)

dilip said...

hahaha...Will take that as a complimentu..;-) thanku..:)