Thursday, April 03, 2008

What’s Cooking??

Tell me what do you want to do in life?? I meant professionally…:) Are you happy with what you are doing? If you are not then it’s never too late to change…Is it a case of simply getting bored with what you are currently doing or is there really something that you want to do in life?? If it’s the former then you will pretty soon get bored with the next one too…So know what you want from life and work towards it…

Being in a product company in India and that too in the networking field its very difficult for someone to get to see the combination of development of a product and actually selling it to a customer from the same location in your lifetime of the project..:)

If being part of the development of a new product gives you a kick, just imagine how it might be actually selling these products…I am lucky to be part of a company which does a lot of sales and marketing…When I interact with a group of sales and marketing folks I see a different kind of energy level…It’s a great feeling just to be amidst these guys with all the tensions, temptations and killing competition from within and from the competitors. The stakes involved are very high, everyone trying to exceed their targets, please their managers and inturn keep the shareholders happy every quarter with outstanding performances quarter on quarter beating your own previous record…Wooowaahh!!! Imagine the adrenaline flow…

Every time I walk past my floor, I see these guys always running around the floor talking through their handsfree. Half the people don’t use their seats and the other half will be preparing some kind of presentation…I have hardly seen anyone without an handsfree and believe me they use it to the maximum. I mean they don’t even spare the loo…Its an absolute contrast when I compare this team with the rest of the folks on the floor.

Do you think you have it in you to be part of such a team? Do you dream of being part ofsomething that is unique, dynamic and constantly on the move? Do you have it in you to be innovative almost as a norm rather than as an exception? Do you want to be “There”???
Imagine the expectations, the returns, the achievements, the tension… If your answer is Wooowaahh!!!
Then you know your next move…..

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Me said...

Next Move???!!! Buying a handsfree???