Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Love

There I was in the middle of the night,
Holding her hand, lost in her alluring sight.
The stars above, rain below, the amazing spectacle fades,
When her beauty strikes like spades.

The purity of her voice gives her the fame,
Her agility and grace puts any model to shame.
I had dreamed of her, fantasized her,
The time I set sight on her, loved her.

She stands tall amidst most,
Going on long drives titillate me utmost.
One day I will say she is mine,
And the world will witness how we get along, very fine…

PS: Dedicated to my would-be Red “Ferrari” car..;)


Karthik said...

Just beacause u put a PS, does not mean you were successful in misleading people. I smell something more than a car here. :)

dilip said...

As usual Karthikanige yavaGalu Adhe Gyana..;-)

Sunil said...

Poetry in Prose...
Making Dilip smell the Rose!!

Interestingly, i posted abt a Car/Drive on the same day...

dilip said...

Maybe the effect of the whether, which makes us think along these lines..;)

Pratibha said...

Well cant believe its about a car! Beautiful none the less :)

dilip said...

Sometimes even though its difficult to believe, it will be true..;)
Thanks for the compliment!! :)