Thursday, April 17, 2008

Revived passion!!!

I was in my fourth year of engineering when my cousin decided to bestow his bike to me for “safekeeping”… He was traveling for a year and wanted someone to ‘take care’ of his bike…It was a Bullet and how could I have refused? :)
What a bike!!! If you want the real experience of riding a bike, then this ONE you should never miss!!!

It was an experience that I would never forget. I still remember how many of my friends used to come to the college parking-lot to watch me ride this 350cc behemoth. You just have to ride this once and you will see why people go gaga over it. People spend a fortune to have one of these machines and it’s worth every penny.

Thanks to my friends who arranged for a bike ride to Nandi hills, I got an opportunity to ride this bike again. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity even though, it’s been more than 3 years since I had driven a two wheeler. My cousin readily agreed to give the bike again.
I have no words to describe the experience that you would go through…Especially when you are riding long distances, there can be no better bike…It was one hell of a great ride all the way, reigniting the lost love…The company of my friends made it even more memorable…


Karthik said...

Helmet hakolo :P

Me said...

saaku style hODdiddu ;)

Rajesh Goli said...

Nice picture. Too bad you cant capture "thump thump thump" on it :-)

dilip said...

@ Karthik:
Of all the things u had to comment on that..!! Yaa..Thanks for the "thoughts of a true friend"..;-)

styleaa?? Plzz...Adhara definitioNe Gothellia naNaGe..;-)

Thanks!! And rightly said..

Pratibha said...

Its nice to keep "reviving passions"! :) Enjoy maadi...and hope you have more of those rides!

dilip said...