Thursday, March 17, 2011

February weekends!

This February has been one of the busiest months…All the weekends were booked and the weekdays were filled. Spent the first weekend at Hyderabad with my dearest niece (and ofcourse my sis and bil..:)), attended Bryan Adam show, followed it up with ‘Fireflies’ and concluded with a 650Km bike ride on a 500cc Bullet!.

How much of a music buff are you? Irrespective of the degree to which you love music, you would have loved the experience of the musical concerts that happened in those couple of weekends at Bangalore. An absolute blast!

Firstly, the much awaited Bryan Adam’s show happening after 5 years. I had been to his last show here and was really looking forward to having a great time once again. Had booked the tickets for this concert almost three months in advance. Boy! Didn’t it live upto its hype and expectation! Hearing all his songs live and simultaneously singing with thousands of people was worth it!

And then the next weekend Fireflies happened! What more can I say? It was even better than last year with some amazing new bands playing some incredible music. My favorites this time were ‘Yodhakaa’ (A fusion of Sanskrit slokas with different musical instruments), ‘Thermal and Quarter’ (An excellent no-nonsense band), and ‘Something Relevant’ (They rocked the place at 5.30 in the morning). If you can get hold of an album from any of these groups it’s worth a buy. As far as the venue goes, it was under the same banyan tree as last time which made the event even more rocking (hopefully they wont change the venue). We were a lot better prepared this time as we had made sure we had all the necessary material (including mattress!!) to sustain us through the night. The venue, the ambience and the quality of music was so good that I vowed I will be there next year too.

The last weekend of Feburary was one of the best. Went on an awesome ride with some of my best buddies on a 500cc Battle Green Bullet! Rode around 650Km covering Belur, Mullayangiri, Kemmangundi and Chikmaglur. Had hired a bullet especially for this purpose and it was worth every penny. The only sad thing was I suffered from a stomach upset on Saturday afternoon during which time we covered the best section of the ride (full bumpy roads laden with stones). Would have loved to be in good health to do such mountain kind of biking on a bullet. But unfortunately I was so down with fever and stomach pains that I couldn’t really enjoy it much. Apart from the riding, the visit to Belur temple and the stay at Chikmaglur resort were the highlights of the trip.

With that it was the end of Feburary and my stay in Bangalore for the near future. I was gearing up for another exciting month ahead. March 1st was my official joining date at Singapore. Yep! Have joined HP Singapore and have had a fun and unique experience here so far…More on it in my next post soon!


Srinivas Guntupalli said...

It's Alberto Green. Not battle green :)

Divya A L said...

Enjoyed Disha's pics than anything else in this post!! :)

dilip said...

@Srini: Thanks for the correction..:)

@Divya: Me too..:)