Friday, November 26, 2010


In the middle of the grasslands,
The bench stands,
Providing a wonderful sight,
To those who want to sit day and night,
Sitting alone, the sights gave her glee,
But most times all she wanted to do was flee.

To discover new lands and seas,
She was ever ready to discard the tranquility and peace,
After years of attempts,
All she managed was trails of discontent,
Breaking new grounds,
A profound truth she found,
‘Jumping boundaries and overcoming situations in crunch,
Unfortunately, always led her back to the same bench’.

Opening both its arms,
The ‘wilderness’ cast its charms,
Enticing her with more dreams and delusions,
Working on her fantasies and illusions,
She threw her watch, preparing for a long haul,
Shattering chimera, she felt the time crawl.


Sagar said...

Nice one Dilip.

dilip said...

Thanks Sagar..:)

Divya A L said...

Hmmm... Yet another mysterious post! :) Something one could relate to... Superb!

WHO IS THE "SHE"????? :D

dilip said...

If i reveal her, dont you think it will no longer be mysterious? ;)

Divya A L said...

@dilip: Well, if its an ever mystery, its no fun... hope u reveal her soon ;) :P

dilip said...

Ya, Sure..:)

Jayanthi said...

Awesome:).I could relate to every line of your poem.Felt as though someone was reading my mind aloud :)

dilip said...

Hey Jayanthi,
Thanks..Glad you liked it..:)