Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Ultra Calling – My greatest Marathon challenge!

Until a few years back I thought only crazy people ran the Marathons (You must be kidding me - full 42.2 km?!? I used to say) and until a few days back I thought only lunatics ran the Ultra marathons (distances greater than 42.2Km). But here I am on the verge of participating in one!

The Bangalore Ultra Marathon is being held on 14th of November, 2010 and I have registered for the 75Km event! The Bangalore Ultra – conducted by ‘Runners For Life’ gives one an opportunity to test oneself at the ultimate challenge for any marathon runner. And since the Athens Marathon didn’t really work out I felt I had the time to take part in this one. One can participate in any of the 50Km / 75Km / 100Km runs and they give upto 13 hours to complete your run.

The event starts at 5AM and goes on till 6PM in the evening. I couldn’t even properly practice for the Athens Marathon and now I am staring at the Ultra. To be honest I don’t even know what it takes to go beyond 42Km. And considering that a full marathon in itself a big stretch, it will be great fun to push myself beyond my known limits and see how long I can sustain myself. So the idea is to run as long as possible and see whether I can exceed a full marathon distance and if so by how many kilometers.

It’s going to be fun (and ofcourse painful!). My cousins and one my friend are expected to accompany me and give me that moral support...:) But, if any of you are interested to join and check out the venue (or check out a bunch of crazy folks running hours at length) you are free to join..:)


Divya A L said...


Srinivas said...

You will crack it just as usual. All the best :)

dilip said...

@Divya: Thanks..:)

@Srini: Cracking 75Km run? Hmmm..Thanks for the confidence in me..:)
I hope u are enjoying Madrid..Have a great time buddy..

Sagar said...

All the Best Dilip. Sure you will break all old barriers and create new records.

On a lighter note, from your first para, I am now worried about the direction you have taken. What is next?

dilip said...

Not to worry...I dont thing it can get worse..;)

Pratibha said...

So how did it go? :)

dilip said...

Updated my blog..:)