Thursday, April 15, 2010


At the crossroads of time,

Life seemed all worked up, but fine,

Illusion broken like dribbling china,

Shrieking like a proud Hyena,

Forced away from freeways,

Testing the forbidden lanes and oneways,

The agitated neurons, never in denial,

Makes the summer heat seem genial,

Frustrations, reminisce of the yore,

Are flying down to haunt me to the core.


still_waters said...

very nicely put Dilip! think i know what you are talking about and no it isnt the same :) The rest of the discussion is adjourned to promote usage of the more popular medium of communication and ofcourse also of the communication device. :)

dilip said...

Hey Thanks!
And i think i know what you are referring to but believe me its not that..:)
Looking fwd to the discussion (though i dont really want to discuss this post of mine..:))... Either way we will have to make sure the communication device gets upgraded...An apple a day keeps the network problems at bay..;-)

Divya A L said...

very Nice write up!

dilip said...

Hey thanks! :)

Divya A L said...

just my thoughts running currently on my mind!!!

dilip said...

Dont think too much..:)
Life takes you where you think you will never go, and then you will realize there are beautiful things out there..