Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kicking off a Campaign!

When I heard from my friend Sunil about IISc Science and Technology run to be held inside their campus, I was all too excited. The registration was free and running inside IISc was going to be one heck of a route as it would be encompassing the entire green campus that IISc was famous for. I would also be traversing through some of the memorable building where in I had spent 6 months of weekends few years back (I had taken up a course on Image Processing there). So it felt like going back home after many years. The building where we used to have our classes, the hotel, the place where we used to have our samosas brought back fond memories. Felt nostalgic to be back!

The run by itself was great. Took me about 45min to cover the 10K. And this was after I had jogged from my home to IISc covering a distance of about 10K in 50 min. I took about an hour to come back home. So overall ran about 30Km and the best part was at the end of it, I didn’t feel tired at all. Maybe it was because of the two breaks I had before and after the actual race. The race was very well organized and despite the registration being free each of us got a free T-shirt (better than many of the corporate T Shirts we get). The route was very scenic with canopy of trees all through. There was hardly few seconds in the entire route where we were exposed to direct sunlight. I knew that the IISc campus was huge and it was green inside but I had never imagined it to be this huge (there was hardly any repetition in the 10K route) or for that matter that lush green. It was definitely one of the best places to be for a Sunday morning run. And I just hope this race will be the beginning of my preparation for my Athens Marathon.

My snap at the start of the run..:D

For those of you who haven't been able to spot me, i am in 7th Row, 6th Column..Just behind the lady in pink T-Shirt..:D


Srinivas said...

Wow ! Excellent speed. By any chance, were you trying to impress that lady in pink and adrenaline rush due to multiple reasons helped you achieve that speed ? ;)

dilip said...

Unfortunately the lady in pink was crossed within the first 100 mts...Now as far as 'multiple reasons' are concerned we will have to discuss offline..;)

Anand said...

great run dilip, really impressive speeds

dilip said...

Hey thanks..:)

Divya A L said...

I'm still not able to figure out where you are!!!! :-|

dilip said...

Read the instruction again in the last line..:D :) lol