Thursday, February 19, 2009



The smile as beautiful as a blossoming of a rose,

The eyes as striking as an edge of a razor, piercing the innermost core,

The lips that makes the petals of a rose red with envy,

The talk that makes even the most chatterer listen and be hearty.


The look on your face on my laptop screen,

Never fails to bring me a smile, making me serene,

I am sure there will be no dearth of love and care,

But still here I am wishing you all the happiness, more than your share…



PS: Belated Happy Valentine’s day to all of you..:)

The title was inspired from the song (In keeping with the season..:)) Words that all I have…:)


Pratibha said...

Hmmm what should people make of it, you yourself tell us, else ppl will pull ur leg... :) nicely put..some mischief, some affection..njoy maadi..

dilip said...

:):)...You put it damn right..:)
As you said its just "mischief"...Thought of spicing up my blog for a change..:)
There has been so much of marketing for Valentine's day here, so thought of joining the bandwagon..;)

Divya Pavoor said...

A song as warm as this !
Does the heart long a "miss"?

dilip said...

Can a heart who miss,
Write a poem like this?

And before you assume a lot of things...I just wanted to respond to the comment and it doesn't imply anything..:) There goes my disclaimer..:)

Divya A L said...
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Divya A L said...

hmmm hmmm hmmm.... Coooll... Very good one!!! Adding to the above,

You can definitely write one like this
Whenever you miss your Miss ;)

dilip said...


In case i start to miss my miss,
I don't have to fret,i already have this.;)

Sunil said...

True Love it must be,
To see a poetry in everything about Thee.
"The Miss" is still as painfully beautiful as my buddy feels,
Under a disclaimer, all the truth reveals.

dilip said...

Now i am truly intrigued,
By what you read,
In the lines that i feed,
Everything is not what it seems..:)

BTW Nicely put..:) Doesn't mean i agree with what you said..:)

Sagar said...

I know who you speak and mean
I know who is on your laptop screen
The one that you find so serene
Not difficult to know, she is not unseen

Preeti said...

aaha ;-)
Love is in the air!
Lovely this is

dilip said...

I know you know,
If one has to know,
Just peek into my laptop screen,
And you too would feel serene..:)

That comment is applicable to you and not to me..:)
Its not what it seems..Love is in the air but not the way you perceived it..:)

Sunil said...

Stop explaining,
Stop justifying.
It ain't no secret,
Stop Demystifying


sakhath magaa... your post is bringing out the best in others !!!

Keep it going !!

dilip said...

Thanks..Soopeerr alva..:)
i totally agree..:)

Divya A L said...

Not only a poetic genius you are...
But also getting others on par;
Enjoyed the comments more than your post
Man you really deserve a toast!!!

dilip said...

Wow!! cool..
Should i be happy that you called me a "poetic genius" or unhappy that "comments were better than the post"..;) haha...Just kidding..:)
Thanks for the compliment..:)

Sunil said...

This reminded me of Something similar happening here !!

dilip said...

You had to bring it up is it?!?!

Me said...

Thy love so true
Still seems new
Tons of cue
Yet no clue

But then...
Thatz poetry for you :)

awesome maga!!! Keep it coming...

dilip said...


If love is true,
You will make sure its always new,
Coz any number of cue or clue,
Wouldn't help either of you..

But again coming back...
poetry or prose,
Life will take its own course..:)

Nikhil N said...

Sniff sniff... something's cooking...

dilip said...

Is it? I couldn't smell anything...

Nikhil said...

Thats because cooks cooking in the kitchen cant smell their stuff! But everyone around sniffs it! LoL!