Thursday, February 05, 2009

A Crime!!

I woke up with stars in my vision,

The world had changed or was it my perception,

What was cold and gloomy,

Suddenly transformed to being bright and sunny,

A world of realization to take,

With a grin on my face,

Today feels brilliant,

Tomorrow looks magnificent,

The thoughts, the feelings, ardor and fervor,

The path to greatness, grandeur and splendor,

Makes me so jocund and mirthful,

Feels like a crime to be so blithe and joyful.


Divya A L said...

coool!!! :) And believe me its not a crime to be joyful :P

dilip said...


Sagar said...

If hoping is a crime, you deserve to be punished with more joy and happiness. Very positive for these recessionary days.

dilip said...

Thanks..:) i hope to be punished more..:)

Nikhil said...

You seem as if the recession never existed! LoL... you are getting better at poetry though! Keep it coming.

dilip said...

Thanks..:) Sometimes any amount of money doesnt get you the happiness that you want..;-) So recession or otherwise it really doesnt matter..:) One can be happy for more than that..:)

Pratibha said...

Hmm i cannot put it across as lyrically beautifully as you have, but yes, may be, happiness is a crime, as long as you dont spread it! :) enjoyed it!

dilip said...

:) Thanks..