Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chase Your Dreams

Sometimes our dreams brew our world
Othertimes the world spawn our dreams
Its the former that we always crave for
Making both match is what one strives for

Conviction and Courage, Passion and perseverance
You are born with some, others you hone,
The will to win is all that it takes,
Separating us from the rest of the souls

Lets take action, Lets take measures
Every small step leading us to our treasures
Lets chase our dreams, living life to its fullest
Coz its this lifetime and this one alone is all we will get…


Me said...

You have so rightly and neatly put your amazing zest for life which I truly admire... Inspiring!!!

dilip said...

Now that is inspiring...!! :)

Anonymous said...

Different paths take you to your dreams
Across the core or along the seams
Build perpsectives more than one
Not all courses the same horse won
Know the different paths and ways
Listen to what your heart then says
The winning formula is what it is called
Find it and you have found it all

dilip said...


Excellent…Very well written…:)

The thrust for “winning formula” defines dreams
Dreamz define ones paths
Paths define ones action

The irony is once u start acting, ur winning formula starts changing..:)
We constantly adapt and change…Its one vicious circle..:)

Pratibha said...

This is some nice inspirational stuff... Nicely put! Getting better with every poem...way to go!!

dilip said...

Hey thanks for the compliment!!