Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Testing times...

There I was eagerly waiting,
My hands tied, not allowed to do anything
There I was eagerly waiting,
Only to receive spam calls and messages

Thoughts about this and thoughts about that
Not allowing me to do anything but sweat
Counting the days and counting the seconds
Becoming more difficult with every passing second

Anticipation with every message and every call,
Each one more disappointing than the previous one…
Hundred & one things to do, each one more important than the other
But nothing seems to get done, thoughts always lingering back...

Apprehension with every passing second
Confidence rekindling hopes
Have always been proud of my patience
But this is one test I don’t want to endure again…


Nikhil said...

Okay, if that was an attempt at trying to show off you non-existant poetry skills, then "breaking news", you did succeed! Care to elaborate what this is about?

dilip said...

Thanks for the compliment man..:):)
Poetry is written when you don’t want ppl to know what ur thinking, because that’s the only way u say something and not be explicit (Prose is too straight forward...Its only for lesser mortals like us..)Thats why this attempt to raise the bar..:):)

As far as elaborating this is concerned, don’t u think the whole purpose is defeated? ;-)

Nikhil said...

Che! But I totally disagree with "...(Prose is too straight forward...Its only for lesser mortals like us..)" I think you meant .. "Lesser mortals like you!".. he he...

dilip said...

Correct...i meant lesser mortals like "you"..:):):) hehe
Anyway i plan to ask "you know who" regarding your poetry skills..:):)

Me said...

No matter how tough you try to pretend
Sizzling emotions and hope filled dreams never seem to end
How you wish one dream so dear just falls right in place
But then somebody else's wud have disappeared without leaving a trace..

I hope I got the context right;)... beautiful poem kaNo...keep writing

dilip said...

Dreams are built around people
Seldom are they only yours
Aligning it left and right
Hoping not to break others along the way...

You pray hard, you play hard
Always trying to achieve the best
But you seldom realize
Best in your eyes, maynot be best in theirs

Thanks kane..How can u be wrong? :)

Nikhil said...

Terrific comments... the comments are getting better than the post.. BTW... am smelling something here.. Daal Mein Kuch Kala Hain..

dilip said...

I take offence to the statement "the comments are getting better than the post.."..;-)
BTW..Plzz..i think you should start using better quality Daal..:):)hehe

Pratibha said...

Sakkat poetry! I thought u wer a "prose" person all the way!! :) But then what was it that made u so anxious?

dilip said...

Thanks yarr!!! That was my second take at poetry..:) hmmm…why did I write this?? Its been quite sometime since I wrote no clue..;) Looking at this blog, i feel its neglected for the past few months, Maybe i should start writing again..;)