Thursday, June 08, 2006

The thoughts of a Jogger!!!

I recently read a bon mot, which said:
“You sometimes have to run to stay in the same position”.
I have caught on a new ludicrous habit. Waking up at 5.00 AM in the morning for jogging!!!

I call it crazy because until a few days back 5.00 AM was still midnight for me, but jogging at 6.00 AM would be like moving in a fish market with a bevy of people all around.

I hate it when people overtake me (which rarely happens! :)). But the other day there was this guy who sped past me and then maintained a constant distance. I wanted to overtake him without compromising on my speed and getting tired.

That’s when I realized how true the above remark was. In order to keep up with this guy I had to keep running but the relative position between us was the same!!!. Now if I didn’t want to increase my speed then the only other option was to wait. Exactly after about 5 rounds around the park this guy started loosing speed. Then it was a cakewalk.

This made me realize how this analogy can be applied to almost everything in this world. We start every task with full josh but as the days go on we tend to become indolent and slow down and that’s when others overtake us. The best possible virtues we can have are patience and persistence and go full throttle in the end!!!

PS: The sheer number of people, who flock the parks these days, shows that more and more people are getting health conscious. Though some tend to give more exercise to their mouth rather than their body :).

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Nagashree said...

i have something related to running and racing... :).. mite be a lil irrelevant to u r point of discussion... but a nice piece of poetry... by Dhruv Foster

Endless pursuit of happiness
And man gone blind
Agonies masked as happiness
Torture mankind

Entire humanity unhumanly running
For more of money and more of fame
More and more of everything
What goal to reach what greed to blame

On riches and their tantrums
The ego is fed
While poor soul goes
Hungry to bed....