Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Know when to quit!!!

Have you been in a situation where you know things might not work out in spite of you giving your best shot, but still you don’t want to give up? Where you keep on trying for that elusive thing which you thought you wanted / deserved?
I have been in such situations and its always painful because you really feel so strong about it that you want to try again and again!!! That’s why its important for us to learn when to give up!

“Try and try again, till you succeed” is an adage that we have heard a zillion times but its important for us to learn when to quit too…“Don't beat a dead horse” is an aphorism that supports my argument. This is more like a sequel to my previous post, which emphasized exactly the opposite of what I am trying to tell here…

For everything there is something called a threshold, a limit that one has to cross to give up on things that seem very important to us… So we continue till we cross that limit. This term “limit” is associated to a stage where we stop feeling bad about quitting or to a stage where we no longer care…You reach a point where the pain associated with the repeated failures is so high that it has to be alleviated and there is no other go. When and how we cross this limit depends on the situation and the people involved.
What is the use in going for something that gives you more pain than joy? We all live on hopes but that doesn’t mean we have to have unrealistic goals or goals that no longer are relevant or achievable…During the course of time it will become one of those nugatory issues.

When do we call it quits? We are the best judges for it. One fine day we just have to put an end to the introspection and carry on. Given a situation we are the ones who have to decide that enough is enough!!!

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Rajesh said...

As economists put it: In the world we live in, limited resources chase unlimited ends. You have to maximise your happiness by using your resources on things that give you most happiness.