Saturday, April 16, 2011

The tracks

There was no beginning,
Nor there seem to be an ending,
Parallel as they go,
Analogous is what they seem.

Born to weather the storms,
Smelted to carry the weight,
Bolted to follow a definite path,
Chiseled to reduce the frictions wrath.

Destined to never meet,
Designed to never quiver,
But, fate has its own free spirit,
And never follows a script.

At the first junction,
Their paths crisscross,
A few seconds is what they got,
Hitting them like a dart.

Bringing a new face to the fore
Changing lives evermore
Miles they go for the next intersection,
Eagerly waiting for new perceptions.


Sagar said...

Looks like you are not 'single track' anymore. ;-)

dilip said...

haha..:) The talk was about the two rails within the 'single track'..;)

Divya A L said...

:) Nice one.... Many contexts can be set on this! Fate is v smart and cunning!

Sagar said...

There are so many analogies you can draw from these simple apparently invisible things in life, and when you extrapolate the logic back into life, they make life so much simpler. :-)

dilip said...

@Sagar: Yep..Definitely agree..

Me said...

Beautifully put... so true.. specially when you see it from the context of relationships...

dilip said...

@ME: Thanks..And yep definitely agree!

Divya A L said...

Liked it again!

dilip said...

@Divya: Thanks..:)

Anonymous said...

very nice poem...please write more :-)

dilip said...

Thanks for that! Sure will do..