Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mistakes and experiments!

It was very funny. My friend had gifted me an iPod Shuffle about 4 years back and after all these years of consistently using it I just found a new feature on it! Obviously by mistake! If you are an iPod user you would know that there is no need to read up on any documentation as it’s all intuitive (as is the case with most Apple products) and so you tend to use the product straightaway after some initial exploration. But today, by mistake I found out something that I had not known was possible on a shuffle. Because after all these years, does one really go out of routine to try anything different? But there it was a new thing observed and learned.

It made me smile. How aptly this experience could be applied to ‘life’. Imagine a life with no mistakes, how pathetic and routine could that be? Most things we learn, experience, and become wiser are because of the mistakes that we make and not because of the successes. Maybe that’s why in corporate world ‘mistakes’ are always termed as ‘learnings’…

But sometimes we reach a stage where one stops making mistakes, one starts to follow a routine that one is comfortable with. This might fetch rich dividends, but in the long term he/she is the loser. So continuing to experiment is the key, as that would mean breaking the shackles. I have had my share of mistakes in the past, which I like to believe were because of my experiments, and I have not regretted them one bit. Hope the future is as dynamic and would lead me to unexplored territories and unchartered waters!


Divya A L said...

So, what did you find out about the ipod shuffle??
Should I say "may u keep committing mistakes so u keep learning them, instead of learning 'from' them??" ;)

Sagar said...

Agree with you. Mistakes are learning in disguise. But there is something called learning from others' mistakes too - a few mistakes you would rather want someone else to make. Like jumping from a cliff to see if you can fly, for instance. Learning would be steep (pun intended) if you were to do that, but to what avail if you can't use the learning the next time.
And then, there are some mistakes everyone else laments about, but everyone wants to commit them nevertheless, before it is concluded a mistake.

dilip said...

its not what i learnt is important..:)
And either way works for me..;)

I agree..But there are also things in which you are better off learning on your own..:)

Sunil said...

more than the actual topic, this post leaves the reader wondering what you found on the iShuffle :P

dilip said...

hahaha..:) Precisely! Anything thats not explicitly stated is what people are interested in..;)
You are not the only one..Most people said the same thing..:)
But its been deliberately left out! :)