Thursday, December 09, 2010

The dawn

Winds churning at great speed,
Lightening adding to the aura of creed,
The rain camouflaging the tears,
The cold freezing the fears.

One thought to just let go,
Guzzle salty water in full flow,
Sinking to the bottom of the ocean,
Troubles evanesce through the motion.

The ambitious future flashing in a trice,
Hope brightening up the eyes,
But ends up descrying the vast ocean near and beyond,
Making current location an obvious end point.

Spots of life boats now and then,
Obvious to thee but not to them,
The latest one few meters at best,
But no one on board to throw the Mae West.

The rise of the new day,
Should have brought new sanguinity and gay,
But reminiscence of past unfair days,
Leading to nothing but despair to face.

The last of the options gone long ago,
Forcing you to finally let go,
Spiraling down the epicenter in a rapid plummet,
No time to regret, nothing to lament.

Suddenly a hand bends down offering help,
No life left to grab, due to vanishing pep,
Series of splashes heard at a distant,
The noises waking me up in an instant.


Divya A L said...

Well, my vocab level went high i must say, - my first observation!!

Next, again, v close to what i can relate to... in fact should i say "EXACT"??

And lovely verses as usual!! :)

Sagar said...

I should call you 'The Don' for this one. Absolutely fantastic. I think everyone can relate to it to some extent or more.

And yes, at least one place you sent me looking for the dictionary. :-)

dilip said...

:) Thanks..
'Life' makes you relate to the poem isnt it?..:)
But what matters is - what you do about it..:)

Thanks for the beautiful compliment..:)
And i agree...most can relate to it at various levels..Thats what makes poems wonderful, isnt it?
Its upto the readers interpretation/imagination, for those who care to read and understand..:)

vishnumurthy said...

An excellent piece of poetry.

dilip said...

Thanks! :)