Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Journey…

Walking along a alleyway,

Making her own pathway,

Crammed with stones and fire,

Covered entirely by barbed wire,

Preventing passage to either side,

People staring from inside,

Indifferent to anyone outside,

Thwarting her entrée, to the elite.

She sensed people on the right to be scornful,

And those on the left to be merciful,

Choosing the left option was not exciting,

While, the right option was never ending.


Divya A L said...

I kind of feel you had read my mind!! Mind blowing coincidence!! :)))
Wonder why such things happen only to "HER" ;)
Weaved very well BTW!

Sagar said...

The left, right and center made me think of politicians and their dalliances with each other.

dilip said...

Actually even i wonder why such things should only happen to 'her'? hmmm...
Btw Thanks..;)

hehe...Thats the beauty of writing such poems (if you can call them that..:)), brings out different thought process in different people..
Maybe i should mail this to 'Soniaji'..:)

Nikhil N said...

Good that you changed the changed theme. This is much better!

dilip said...

Seriously man...My original theme was sooo good...:(
I tried to change something and was not able to go back...Apparently the developers at 'blogger' think that these updated limited themes are better than the ones before...Such morons!
Each day i get new reasons to regret having my blog at blogspot!!

Me said...

..never ending or heart rending??
but is it really about the people?? specially for the lady who is making her own pathway.. dont mask 'HER' though:)

dilip said...

A bit of both...
Did i ever say it was about people? Do i ever mask anyone or anything? ;)

Sunil said...

i got my reasons to move to wordpress... and am happy i did.

I see you have the wordpress account already for the backpingtoeurope thing.
You can add your blog into it instead of blogspot, so you can divert some of the traffic to the backpacking thing too !!

You can make the blog public only after you are comfortable and thru with the transition.
You can import all your blogspot blogs to wordpress.... so, you still have everything you did.

BUT, changing the blog-link is like changing your mobile number.
It'll be circulated to soo many places already. And, changing them again... is a decision to be taken.

dilip said...

Thats the exact dilemma i am in...To move or not to move is the question..

Divya A L said...

Nice layout!! :)

dilip said...

Hey Thanks..:) Though i just would love to go to my original layout..:)