Thursday, December 03, 2009

A Lasting relationship! Well Almost!

It was one of the most profound and adventurous relationship I ever had. We were so much in awe of each other but still always managed to bring out the best in the other. It was never your beauty that drew me near but the sheer skills and talents. We had so many intimate moments, adventures and insightful tête-à-tête together that I have lost count. The long drives experiencing the monsoon rains, the passing of various seasons and the sheer presence of your company will always be very close to my heart. An amazing journey over more than a decade during which I have grown, matured and hopefully become wiser. It was a stimulating affiliation that only we would have understood.

But like all relationship we had our share of fights and painful moments. It slowly moved us apart and eventually left us with a severed relationship. But memories are etched in sands of time and are very hard to replace. Even now I feel the pinch of pain when I see you or someone very similar to you. But life goes on...

And today you (M800) have been replaced by a new Hyundai I10!!!


Divya A L said...

I guessed it!! :)))
And people wil stop pulling your legs with this one!! :)

I wonder what kind of a companion your ex might have found :)

Congrats!! :)

Pratibha said...

:) It made a nice read! Was feeling good, then slightly bad and finally found myself laughing..

hmm thats cool...congrats!

Sagar said...

I wondered how you would be feeling parting ways, and this was precisely how I imagined it.


Me said...

Congrats on your new car... But yeah, it will take time to get over your old partner;)

Deepthi said...

:) Congrats!!

dilip said...

Whoever my Ex finds, would not be able to fill my shoes...I am sure my ex would regret and wonder how it would have been if things had continued..;-)


Am i that predictable? ;)

You have no idea!! ;)


Thanks everyone..:)

Sunil said...

Comparisons will be made,
Words will be spoken.
But, the memories thats attached,
And the dreams thate were dreamt
with The "Special" first one Will never be Broken.

Congartualtions !!!

dilip said...

hehe..Thanks maga..
Looked like that came from experience..;)

scrap book... said...

I guess I wld have similar feeling when selling my bike.. but car.. nah.. no way.. cars don't have a heart..! :-)

Congrats anyways!


dilip said...

@Scrap book...
When one drives a car like a bike, maybe one would feel that way..;)