Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Death knocked on my door,

Opened it, forgetting to look through the key hole,

There She stood as white as snow,

Looking through Her sharp eyes was itself a blow.

She cast her all knowing spell,

With such a voice that I fell,

The beautiful smile gave away the power She held,

Breaking the notion that I was primed and prepared.

There was lull before the pain,

But once struck, it made me insane,

Entire life passed through an instant,

I had nothing to repent.

I was burnt in an instant,

But rose like a phoenix the next moment,

Cleansed, I flew to my next stay,

While She searched for her next prey.


Sagar said...

Obviously, since you wrote this, I trust this is fiction and not autobiographical. :-D

Very well written. Sounds as if you have written from experience. Strange subject, for someone like you, though.

dilip said...

haha..:) Thanks...
Yep..Its a strange subject...But not that strange when we look at it in a broader sense..:) All we have to do is redefine "Death" :)

Karthik said...

Nice one.. The ending was apt. "While She searched for her next prey."..

dilip said...

Thanks maga..

Krishna said...

If only, death was as 'beautiful' as you portray her to be...

dilip said...

Believe me she is! :)

Pratibha said...

I dint like the subject really! So unlike you! :) I sense some hidden meanings here..haha..
"Cleansed, I flew to the next stay" - some philosophy here..hmmm
A nice one..

dilip said...

:):) Thanks..
It would be really interesting to see what hidden meanings each one sees here..;)

Divya A L said...

Ahhhh........ The gal whom you encountered in ur jog turned out to be a WITCH!!! No wonder you opened the door!! ;) What a twist in the story!!:P ;) :D

Good one!! Nicely writtn!! :)

dilip said...

Which witch are you talking abt?
Oops i should be asking which gal ru talking abt? ;)

Divya A L said...

She's the daughter of "You-know-who" ;)

BTW, why is "death" a "she" ???

dilip said...

@Divya A L:
"The one who cannot be named" will have a daughter who will not even have a name..;)

BTW "Death" manifests itself in a lot of forms, so how can "She" be left far behind?!? ;)
I will leave your question as open-ended..;)

Me said...

I loved the lady.. u know what... u perish.. she remains.. such is her charisma

dilip said...

Not really..I dont perish, i just move to a different plane...But SHE remains..
Such is our Charisma..