Sunday, April 26, 2009


As the days go by,

I met a lot of friends on the fly,

Some of them were forgotten in a wink of an eye,

But some are cherished for life.

You may be here one day, gone another day,

But the memories are here to stay,

I have a lot of good things to say,

But I will reserve it for some other day.

Some days like today reminds me, how special you are,

Touching the lives of one and all,

As you traverse on a journey called life,

I pray it be a happy and a joyful drive.


Unknown said...

Glad you have friends for whom you can wish so much good. I am sure you will have a joyful life too :)

Divya A L said...

Cooool!!! :) Wish you the same too!!! :)

dilip said...

Thanks to both of you..:)

Pratibha said...

Aaaaw nice things to say to a friend...:)

dilip said...

Yes..Friends deserve it..:)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dilip said...

In case you want to make such comments in the future, please do so with your original name..I will not delete them...We can have a healthy conversation after that..

Show some guts when you want to voice such opinions..I would have loved to copy paste a part of that comment here (i hope you realize which one!), but i dont want to lower my standard for you!!

Nikhil said...

Good post to read at almost the middle of the night after spending half the day in class and the rest half reading for the next classes!

dilip said...

Maybe you should read blogs during classes too..;-)

Preeti said...

hey, very nice one :) friends are very special, and ur poem is a very special way of making them feel more special :)

dilip said...


Me said...

hmmmm.... still wondering :)

dilip said...