Sunday, March 08, 2009

Calling TIME!!

With eyes filled with ambition,

And heart bulging with passion,

Elusive ‘time’, I search for you,

There is so much to do,

Without much ado,

So many things to tick on the excel sheet,

But not an ounce of time to keep.

During the time of recession and depression,

When everything is on sale and reduction,

What was earlier ‘free’,

Has changed its status to busy,

Oh Time! What’s happening?

Why are you running?

Its past 2 in the night, with few hours to go,

For the early morning chores,

The next day beckons,

At a rate, I have lost count, I reckon,

Am I the one who said,

Prioritize and Rationalize,

As one has to always find time for One’s interests in life…


It has been a very hectic couple of weeks and I don’t see it changing for the next few months atleast…:(

In retrospect, maybe I should be happy that I don’t have the time to waste and kill..

As one of my good friend said, its always better to search for time rather than search for tasks to do in the free time..:)


Divya A L said...

Very nice composition!!! :) And it is truly said "time and tide wait for no man" ... Its sprinting so fast that it would win any marathon!!! ;)

dilip said...

haha..time and marathon..nice comparison..:)

Pratibha said...

Nice one!
In such times, just promise to treat yourself to things that you find lovely. In between, reward yourself and us with such breaks! :) You never know when somone's post can make the reader's day a little bit better than it had been...hahaha

dilip said...

haha..Thanks a lot..Its quite rewarding to know that it makes someones's day a little better..:)