Monday, November 17, 2008

To continue…?

I knew the road as soon as I saw it,

It was a perfect fit to what I was,

To what I could be,

It looked so familiar, as if it was built for me,

It had lots of twists and turns,

With pitfalls and exit points all over,

But I wanted to continue…


I still remember the first few steps,

Familiar faces filled the road,

As days became years, people disappeared,

Some found what they wanted

While most settled for what they didn’t get

Some others continued,

The road ahead became longer and tougher,

But I wanted to continue…


One fine day as I looked around,

Everyone had been replaced,

The familiar faces were gone,

But I was still there representing the old,

Trying to hold onto the lost legacy,

Never had I imagined the road to be this long,

Gained a few things but lost more,

But I wanted to continue…


Sometimes I wonder,

Whether the universe was trying to conspire against me,

Or it had better plans than what I could imagine,

Whether this is madness personified,

Or a show of perseverance and relentlessness,

Whether I am losing out,

Or gaining in the long run,

Thoughts that never came before,

Is this what ‘time’ does to you?

Do I want to continue…?



Pratibha said...

Hmm some nice poetry! Carry on friend, if you have come this long, go those extra miles to see where it takes you...Since its only confusion, you must be on the right track, had you been on the wrong one you would have been disappointed. :))) Not sure if I could understand what you wrote, but there was something I could relate to!
Please continue...hehehe

dilip said...

Thanks yarr...:) Yes, a totally wrong track would have been more disappointing indeed..:)

Nikhil said...

Very well penned but an extremely depressing one! Whatever is bothering you.. well "Yes continue"... duh! Now this is sounding like "Yes, we can!"

dilip said...

haha.. Yep it indeed sounded like "yes, we can!"...
Nope..Not that depressing now..But yahh when i penned it, i was in a different plane.. :)

Sunil said...

It isn't fun if its clear ahead.
The road ain't done, until yuu are dead.

This is what "Time" does to you.
Give no reasons.
Yuu got no Options.
Shut the heck up and continue.

This ones for Ya: YoutTube Link

The lYrics are here: Lyrics Link

dilip said...



PS: Following ur advice...