Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Gold at last!

After more than 100 years we have won our first Olympic Gold in an individual event. Abhinav Bindra has indeed made us proud!!!

“It has been a tale of sweat, extremely hard work and keeping himself going in pressure conditions that has made Abhinav a real champion today” was what his father said…

All I can say is for someone who missed out on two previous Olympics and each time had to wait for 4 years to get another shot at glory is something that very few people can go through without losing heart…Going to the finals of previous edition of Olympics and finishing seventh must have been truly heartbreaking. Imagine the kind of determination, grit, hard work and sacrifices that he had to make to achieve this feat. A truly laudable effort!!!

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Pratibha said...

Agreed. And he was so composed throughout. A great effort and a greater attitude. I hope we win a few in boxing and tennis also!