Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On a high!!!

I am in a state of bliss, wonder why?
I am mirthful, wonder why?
I really love my work, wonder why?
I have stopped grumbling, wonder why?
I enjoy every moment, wonder why?
I always have a smile, wonder why?
I have become disciplined, wonder why?
I have this feeling that nothing can go wrong, wonder why?
I feel blessed, wonder why?
I am on a high and I wonder why!!!

I write this and I wonder why? :)


Sunil said...

he he he...
I feel you know all the "reasons" and it doesn't surprise me, i wonder why ?!

Rajesh said...

Mewonders why you wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Looks like love is in the air. All the best.

Anonymous said...

The "wonder why" signifies ignorance and ignorance is bliss, and that should explain the state you are in. :-)

dilip said...

@anonymous: How right!!! I am in love!!! Love with life...:)

Anonymous said...

Have you become a Konkani "Why why.."