Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blog your way to a plum job!!!

There are scores of people “blogging” everyday for hundreds of reasons!!! For me its an innocuous way of penning my thoughts…Each entry to my blog is for a different reason. It depends on my mood, the current state of mind and obviously the “core idea” which usually gets materialized based on some “experience” or something that moved me quite deeply or something that I just wanted to share with the outside world…As you can see each entry is unique and each one has its own significance. To be honest, the bottom line is that I myself can’t list the reasoning behind writing them!!! If not anything else I think it will be fun reading each one of them 20 years down the line…:)

Last week I read an article, which gave me another extra reason to blog. The article explained the recent trend in MNCs who are recruiting people through their blogs…Companies like Honewell, Microsoft etc have their own blogs through which they advertise their company to recruit new hires…This actually will be most cost effective and it works both ways. It attracts both active and passive job seekers…The blog entries are not written by HR but by the employees (obviously screened by HR :)!!!) which actually gives you a very good picture of the companies current situation, practices and ethics, thus attracting the passive job seekers too…

It not only gives a human touch to the entire process but also promises the lotusland for people to switch even though they might be happy or settled in their current jobs…

These days the companies are looking for new and better ways for recruitment. They don’t mind deviating from the traditional methods. The day is not far behind when HR will soon start scooting for new hires by reading blogs written by others…It tells them how dexterous you are and may add to your profile. For all you know, it might become a pre-requisite for even applying to all those plum jobs around…So more the reason for people to start blogging for those who haven’t started already!!!:)

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